OPP tape / cloth·cotton tape / line tape / electrical tape / double sided tape, etc.



Transparent tape / opaque tape / color tape, etc.

Due to the nature of the packaging tape, the specifications and types must be varied, and various functions are also required.

Satisfying the needs of consumers such as materials, materials, colors, functions, and specifications, it is widely used in packaging from manufacturers to general households.

Various tapes

Double-sided tape / electrical tape / rubber tape, etc.

  • Cloth / Cotton Tape
    Suitable for surface protection of materials such as pipes.
    In particular, it is used for various purposes such as packaging of all types of boxes or for construction.
  • Masking Tape
    It is strong against oil-based components, and is mainly used for paint coatings on automobile surfaces and control panels, and for electronic products.
  • Line Marking Tape
    It is not easily worn out due to its excellent elasticity and strong durability, and its color does not fade or change.
    It is used to organize the manufacturer's production sites, schools, hospitals, etc.
다양한 TAPE


General film / Anti-rust film / Stretch film

PE Film

PE Film

General FilmCan be processed into BOX type - Unit price negotiation

It is used for industrial packaging film, agricultural film, and shopping bag processing. Transparency is slightly lowered, but the product has excellent tensile strength and is harmless to the human body.
(Basic Roll Type)

VCI Film

Anti-rust filmCan be processed into BOX type - Unit price negotiation

It is a vaporizable rust preventive film extruded by mixing VCL resin and PE resin. It is an economical and eco-friendly special anti-rust packaging material used for packaging, transporting and storing ferrous and non-ferrous metal products.
(Basic Roll Type)

VCI Film




The STRETCH FILM industrial wrap (WRAP) has excellent tensile strength to prevent shaking or external stress during transportation and storage.
The packaging method is very easy and convenient, so it can be transported together with a pallet, and its transparency and luster enhance the value of the product.

  • Characteristic
    - Excellent tear strength with uniform thickness.
    - The packaging method is simple and easy.
    - There is no need for a separate packing manpower and packing space.
    - There is a synergistic effect of product value with transparency and luster.
    - As the most multi-layer film in Korea, it has excellent stretching power and reduces packaging costs.
  • Purpose
    - For dust-proof storage and safe transportation of OA and home appliances
    - When packing, transporting, or storing various parts and finished products made of metal
  • Storage and Use Precautions
    - Storage: Temperature 15~30℃, Humidity 45~60%
    - Period of use: It is best to consume between 6 and 12 months.


PP Band / PET Band / STEEL Band / Webbing Strap / Creep / Power Belt, etc.


  • PP Band - For General Box Packaging
    It is ideal for banding packaging of medium and light weights, and with uniform surface treatment, long-lasting bonding strength and the most economical plastic binder. There are automatic, semi-automatic, and manual binders.
  • PET Band - Excellent elasticity, tensile strength and heat resistance
    It is the most reasonable packaging band for replacing the soft properties of PP bands and reducing the high cost of steel bands.
Division Width(㎜) Thickness(㎜) Length(M) Weight(kg) Color
PP BAND 9 0.55 3,000 12.8 Yellow / Red / Blue
Green/ Black etc.
12 0.55 2,500 12.1
15 0.6 2,500 12.8
15 0.75 2,000 12.8
18 1.0 1,300 13.8
19 1.1 950 12.8
STband STband


Secondary PRESS processing with high tensile packaging, self-combination TYPE without CLIP binding or welding, allows efficient operation with HOOP self-combination, as well as CUT processing to meet customer requirements.

Division Width(㎜) Thickness(㎜) Length(M)
STEEL BAND 12.7 0.4 ~ 0.6 12.8
16.0 0.4 ~ 0.6 12.1
19.0 0.4 ~ 0.9 12.8
25.0 0.4 ~ 1.0 12.8
32.0 0.8 ~ 1.0 13.8


Toilon / Air cap / Rubber plate / PE PACK / EVA board, etc.

Toilon/Air Cap

Processing by type/color is possible - unit price negotiation

  • Toilon - 0.5T, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T
    It is a product that combines resilience, cushioning and insulation properties, and is widely used for shock-proof packaging such as electronic products and furniture products, or for export packaging.
  • Air cap - for general air cap and antistatic and static protection
    [ Roll Type, Bag Type, Sheet Type, etc. ]
    Color: Transparent, red, blue, etc.
    It is manufactured by overlapping two films by applying polyethylene and sealing the air between them at regular intervals. It is also used for buffer packaging, heat insulation, cold storage, and construction subsidiary materials.

PE PACK/Rubber Board
/EAV Board

    As a product with resilience, cushioning and insulation properties, it is widely used as an impact-resistant packaging material for home appliances, furniture products, optical devices, and export packaging.
  • Rubber Board
    It is universally used for floor plates, pallets, dustproofing of buildings, various industries and various packings.
  • EVA Board
    It is universally used for floor plates, pallets, dustproofing of buildings, various industries and various packings.

Other Handling Items


Top paper / Anti-rust paper / Corrugated cardboard box/pad / Paper stand, etc.

종이류 종이류 종이류


Pallet / Danpla box / pad / plastic stand, etc.

플라스틱류 플라스틱류


Pallet / Plywood / Imported Wood / Lumber, etc.

목재류 목재류


Pallet / Nails / Upper and Lower Bogeum / Gakgeum / Woogeum / Clips, etc.

철재류 철재류 철재류 철재류

Handling of other consumables

Jeongtagi / Hammakata / Bolts / Tent paper / Gloves / Vacuum tinfoil, etc.

기타 기타 기타 기타 기타 기타 기타 기타 기타 기타 기타 기타