Family Friendly Certificate

OHSAS18001:2007 certified

Quality Certificate (Single PPM)

Certification of excellent labor-management culture company

SANHO Export Packaging Company Affiliated Research Center

Venture company confirmation

Management innovation-type small and medium-sized enterprises (MAIN-BIZ)

Technology innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (INNO-BIZ)

Gyeongsangnam-do Employment Excellent Company Certification

2008 ISO 14001 English

2008 ISO 14001 Korean

2007 ISO 9001 English

2007 ISO 9001 Korean

Certificate of Import and export wood heat treatment registration

Pallet Medium Plate Welding Equipment

Structure of steel box for packaging

Trademark registration certificate

Structure of prefabricated steel box for packaging

Steel pallet patent

Steel pallet utility model - 0018754

Steel pallet utility model - 0017120

What is PL Insurance?

It refers to product liability insurance and

is called PL insurance for short for PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE.

It is an insurance that compensates the manufacturer's liability for damages caused by an accident due to the quality or defect of the manufactured product.