We will increase our competitiveness through continuous management innovation,
and become a company that opens the future of the export industry in the 21st century by realizing a leap forward, development, and customer-oriented value management.


We sincerely welcome you to the SANHO website.

Under the management ideology of unification, diligence, and innovation creation, SANHO has continued to grow steadily since its foundation in 1985, based on professional technology and talent development through continuous growth and advancement into related business areas by securing unrivaled competitiveness in advanced technologies and resources.

SANHO is a company that has positive energy by creating a sound and healthy corporate culture with a family atmosphere and a sense of ownership of executives and employees. We are also making constant efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated and alternative research into eco-friendly materials for green growth.

Furthermore, we are practicing beautiful win-win growth between large and small businesses, and we promise to do our best service to our customers at the best quality and optimal unit price.

SANHO will always try to grow into an exemplary export packaging company.

Thank you.

All executives and employees of SANHO